Monday, March 08, 2004

Maryland won the ACC tournament

Bloody Tonic Sunday

I woke up this morning not knowing what exactly happened right after Maryland won the ACC tournament.

When I arrived at my favorite neighborhood drinking hole yesterday, Lisa and Cara were already working on magaritas, at 12-noon. I haven't eaten anything yet, so I figured I should start with a beer before my brunch arrived. That got me some heckling from the ladies - which means we're in for a heavy drinking afternoon. Then, we started on the bloody mary and magarita session. It seems that each glass was stronger than the next. I knew I'd be hurting when my last glass tasted like straight liquor with a hint of tomatoes. Also, I normally drink wine and beer, so it's hard for me to gauge the amount of alcohol I'm actually putting down in the bloody mary. F'ing overtime game. I remembered calling some people up during the game, but apparently I also called people after the game. My phone was in my coat pocket in the flipped-open configuration this morning and I checked my call history. So yeah...if it wasn't obvious to those I called yesterday, I was annihilated. F'ing drunk before's a good thing there wasn't any Duke fans there.

Upon checking my pockets and wallet this morning, it seemed like I must have picked up the tab. The various cards in my wallet were all jumbled with my atm card in one pocket, and a wad of cash in the other. I don't remember actually paying or tipping, but I certainly hoped we tipped Bernie, the bartender well for hooking us up with ginormous portions of liquor. This is about when I should start piecing the evening together. I don't even remember my walk back home...good thing it's only about 2 blocks.

I still have a hang-over...